Wednesday, 26 January 2011


The next workshop I attempted was APPLIQUE where we had to choose a pattern from observational studies, magazines or previous research and convert it to a textile pattern.The important steps to create a succesfull applique sample is to:

1.Extract the pattern and draw it larger scale.

2. Cut Bondaweb to the dimensions needed to fit the pattern onto.

3. Iron onto fabric.

4. Trace off pattern and cut around the outline.
5. Peel off the paper leaving the glue on the other side to then iron onto the base fabric.
6. Set up a domestic machine changing the stitch to zig zag stitch to then alter the tension and stitch length to then sew along the outside of the pattern in a similar colour scheme to the fabric used.

1. Layer the amount needed to create your piece on top of each other.
2. Pin or trace around shapes to then sew a running stitch arounf the outline.
3. Cut the top layer to reveal the underneath pattern.
4. Change the stitch to zig zag and sew around the outside.

5. Pull both thread left and tie at the back.

I will definately consider using these techniques in my designs as it's fairly simple and can create contrasts in colour, thickness, pattern.I feel I have chosen a simplistic pattern and could develop it further and work into individual sections of some of my research to make the deatil more complex.I am pleased with the final result of my applique and reapplique samples as the pattern came out how I imagined contrasting from other juxtaposition colours.

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