Thursday, 20 January 2011


MIXED MEDIA - Last week we have assorted a variation of different objects with a surface patterns to then replicate with a use of different media and materials changing the angle and scale of the drawings.After experimenting at college I decided to attempt it with a mixture of old and contemporary objects. For this observational study I decided to use collage, fabrics, pastels and masking tape giving a contrast in colours and textures even though in the image they are all similar shades and tones.COLLAGE/STITCHING - This attempt was created by blocking the colour out not focusing on the detail of the observation. We then had to stitch into the outlines and details so I personalised it with 3 different colours that I saw in the image and used different stitches to overlap different shapes and patterns. I added buttons to tone down the brightness from the dominating colours.CUTTING HOLES OUT OF PAPER - This observational study was mainly focusing on cutting holes out of which would hold the colour. In this case I layered tracing paper and stitched on top to contrasting from all the neagtive space contrasting with neutral colours. I also used some previous colour mixing plettes of colour to background the holes to give them more vibrance.

In my opinion I don't think these are strong enough so I will continue to adapt these observational studies until I am confident with the outcome. Don't worry you'll be the first to know of any improvements!

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