Friday, 21 January 2011


Now the hard part .. sewing the hoody together. All that I've been able to overlock so far was the front and back bodice together at the shoulder and the right sleeve to the bodices.

Preparing for the overlocking didn't go according to plan as the overlocking that was used in my hoody was made from a 5 threaded overlocker but we weren't able to find one at the time so the four threader had to do. It didn't really make much difference and still did the same job.

Overlocking the patterns together was harder than I thought as the stretch in the fabric made it challneging to get the two pieces of fabric
The sleeve was a absoulute nightmare as the pins that held it pla
ce had to be place in the centre where a notch was made and alligned all the way round to give ease at the armsyce. Whilst I was overlocking I managed to create a few holes because the material kept on slipping and not sewing evenly.

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