Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I thought I would be different and research outside the textile genre and expand my research to photographers and I cam across LARRY SCHWARM, which uses concepts involving natural disasters and captures the devastating mood and atmosphere from the composition of household items overlapping and trapping various materials creating different shapes and patterns.Realistic situations are revealed from the use of smashed ceramics, isolated bricks and splintered wood making the environment dangerous and the public at risk. I know natural disasters are an absolute nightmare and cause such dreadful outcomes but this is a way of bringing out the good into an art form.The colour scheme is quite neutral with browns, greys, blues which I could incorporate into my designs as I like all the shades and tones created from similiar colours. His work had influenced my design ideas with the contrasting textures and dynamic change within the shape and pattern structure.What do you think about his work?

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