Saturday, 15 January 2011


Out of all the textile, ceramic and fine-art artists I found Alison Willoughby the most inspirational due to extravagant designs that tell a story and identitfy different things about her life shown throughout the surface patterns in her work.Her inspiration come from lanes, alleys, passages, streets and terraces – places that are neglected, ever-changing, disintegrating and subsiding.Willoughby uses a wide range of different techniques including moulding, illuminating, screen printing, foiling, mark-making, embroidery, ruffling taylor tacking, cording, sculpturing.I found it difficult recreating her work as it was at such an advanced level so I extracted small sections and used ruffles and gathering with collage to encounter all the bright colours.
Skirt 203 by Alison Willoughby is a skirt made from calico. Calico circles folded into 8 and sewn down in layered lines.

Skirt 246 by Alison Willoughby is a collection of fake and plastic food, feathers, fake flowers and shrubs applied to a canvas skirt base.
Skirt 289 by Alison Willoughby, is a collection of found objects, colours and materials that sit together on a canvas base.
These toys and games are influenced by the profession of her grandfather due to the fact he was a magician. The contrast in colour, width and structures makes me want to analyse it closer as it hides a mystery and shares a child like quality giving it more meaning.
Alison Wiloughby's designs can influence my futuristic accessory design giving me the idea to equip my accessory with a story significant to me.How interesting?


  1. These skirts are so inspiring, I stumbled across your blog because I was researching Alison Willoughby for a post of my own. I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. I stumbled upon Ms. Willoughby's genius while visiting a local library. Lo and behold I just secured a copy of the book of my own at eBay for, get this, a tad over $3.00. How could anyone give this book away. I am delightfully joyed at the projects in this book and plan to make more than a few.

    Thank you, original poster, and thank you Ms. Willoughby for being YOU, girl.