Monday, 17 January 2011


Norma Minkowitz's work consists of shellac - stiffened and painted crochet sculptures that evoke conceptual ideas of pyschological complexities of her work, the observation of human behaviour and the metamorphical containment forming them to give an elegance within the structure. She exploits the labour intensive nature of crocheting into a larger scale but still maintains simplicity of a light design.Minkowitz clones the human form with organic materials and fuses greek mythology to her work to give character and historical content to the work. The figures she forms have limbs absent which give them an individual personnas animating an emotion throughout the body language.Compared to all of the textile designers I have researched I think hers is so innovative with little fabric but morphing shapes expressing self conscious ideas and wordly cocnerns. She represents the female population with sculpting the shape of the real life woman which I find interesting allow me to connect with her work. What are your thoughts and feelings about her work ?

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