Thursday, 16 June 2011


I had my mind set on a ideal pair of shoes but no surprise I couldn't find any shoes that I really thought would compensate my dress so I went on a detour to Crewe and looked in Brantanos and found these shoes which I wouldn't choose myself but thought of adding my circles to personalise the shoes making them less formal. The shoes cost £16.00 as they were in the sale and in a size 5 which was handy. The style of shoe suits my theme linking in with the basic heel and the colour works with the dress colour because their practically the same. I changed the colours of circles suiting the shoes using a red and the collage fabrics making it less fussy with detail. I sewed the circles down in the same way I did on my bodice on a elasticated strap that came on the shoe. How lucky was it to come across a pair that are just so perfect!
What do you think?

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