Wednesday, 15 December 2010


In my design my plan is to obtain a front pleat in the front of the skirt with an inner lining underneath with a panel of quilting with pills sewn into each of the squares portraying the vision of a capsule and popping them out of the packet.

I would only do inside of the pleat just to give a minimal insight off what it could look like with material. There will be five differenntt types of pills to correspond with all the members of my family to make it more significant to me as family are an addiction just like pills are. Some research looked similar to bandages so I've decided to drape 2 strips off fabric round to tie at the waist and just below recreating a hospital gown fastening. If I had time I could instal a belt to create a straight jacket ointerpretation attaching it to the strips of fabric tieing at the back of the skirt to give restiction and volume.

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