Saturday, 4 December 2010

Adapting my Couture board

Plan B

I realised my couture board didn't portray the chosen accessory coherently so I have sampled different colours schemes and textures to recreate a new board suited to a couture market. I thought I would use the idea of packaging with a show box but layering it in a texture I had recreated from a primary source of the ceiling with string and masking tape but change the shape to be a horizontal line rather than circular lines. To seal the masking tape down securely I plastered PVA glue evenly to make it stonger and more appealing.This is where I got my inspiration from below of the textures I recreated out of simialr colours, shades and tones.
In these samples I attempted to cover the paper mache in red, black and white to see which colours suited the remodelled shoes the best. My originl shoes were gold and red but my plan consisted of changing the order to the packaging gold and the shoes red. This allowed me to sample the red which works well as a good contrast and can capture the silouette of the shape accurately.

The design of the shoe was made out of newspaper and pva glue as I thought it would be the strongest and easiest to mould into a complex shape like a shoe. I wanted to captivate the same shape of my chosen Vivienne Westwood shoe but just the outline with a slight 3 dimensional appearance and fold them into the shoe box as if they were a normal pair of shoes you could buy in the shop.

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