Sunday, 19 December 2010


At the start of this assignment I considered many different concepts to then finally narrow it down to two. I started to research into a circus concept as it owuld be bright, bold and fun to experiment with but then I realised it wasn't me and wasn't as widespread as I would like it to be. So I developed it to another choice of mental health and realised that the ambiguity of how the brain works and how unpredictable life is could be interesting for me to attempt to produce a garment on. I researched into depth with threads of crimes, symptoms, illnesses, family and health all having their individual symbolism.I realised that I could play with different inspirations to make them unique and complex with a challenging concept to portray. I brought in my own personality as I'm not attention seeking like bright colours and not loud and as fun as spots and stripes can be but I am quiet and observant and find disturbing and awkward things unique to life.

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