Tuesday, 28 December 2010


1. First of all I created a 1.5cm fold sewing in the tape inbetween two pieces of fabric so then it was secure remaining on the right side able to tie with the other piece of tape on the other side.
2. Then I arranged both drapes so they would cross over each other and stitched them into the side seam so the sttitches weren't visible on the right side of the skirt.3. I sewed in four pieces of tape all sewn into the side seam so then the stitching was hidden.The fastening of the tie back was inspired by a hospital gown using similar tape and replicating the same technique the manufacturer's used to secure the tape.
This is how the draped fabric finished with it starting at the hip and dipping lower overlapping and layering over the inverted pleats. I made them so they tied around to fasten at the same side on each of the front and back of the skirt.

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