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ANTWERPEN HERE WE COME: Monday 22nd Novemeber 2010 departure date to leave for Belgium. Family and friends had been to Brussels or Bruges but never Antwerp so I didn't know what to expect.I couldn't wait to explore the culture and adapt to their lifestyle but I knew there was a very long train journey ahead.

I arrived at Crewe station at the schedule
d time of 10:30am and realised all the second years had packed very lightly whereas my suitcase was prepared for a lifetime holiday. Then Libby arrived and her sized suitcase defeated mine so I felt relieved that I wasn't the only one with a huge suitcase. I knew that this college trip would be able to allow people to bond and learn new things about each other whilst fulfilling the most eventful experience together as a family.

We boarded the Virgin train destinated to arrive
at London Euston but there was some confusion about where to keep our suitcases safe which you could imagine for me I had to heave mine back and forth to finally place it somewhere temporary. Moreover, there was some confusion about the seats as the public passenegers had stolen our reserved seats, so me and Sophie had to find the nearest available seat to share the hour and a half journey with. We arrived at London Euston and then got a typical London bus (red doubledecker) to St Pancraas whereas the rest of the group had to walk but actually we arrived later than everybody else. How frustrating! We had to wait for about 1 hour and a half so we relaxed at a posh cafe bar and watched all the public passing by during rush hour.This architecture interested me with it's geometric shapes innovative structure.We then waited a while until the eurostar arrived ready for the 3 hours journey ahead. The next destination was Brussels where we were allowed to independantly explore the station. I was a bit peckish and luckily we came across a supersize vending machine. It was just my day! Lastly, we travelled on the last train to the chosen destination of ANTWERP. The time change had bemused the whole group and even though we had altered the times on our phones we were all unsure whether were an hour behind or ahead. We arrived at the hotel at about 6:30pm and adjusted to the levels of the hotel and where our room was waiting for us. Our curfew was 11:30pm so we had 5 hours to distinguish what could be found in antwerp and what they had to offer. Me Kathryn, Jess and Sophie came across a petite restaurant that served italien food. We wanted to experience the cultural food and try something new.We then discovered a 60s/ 70s bar which had a layout of bright block colours and disco features of lava lamps, glitter ball and structured interior.


Tuesday 23rd November 2010 - Fashion walk around the backstreets of Antwerp.

We took the tram and commuted to the centre of Antwerp in time for the fashion tour. We met a well educated women that kn
ew the city like the back of her hand. We had some spare to time to assess and analyse degree students' work which were currently studying at the fashion college which appeared to be part of the museum. The standard of the designing and concepts within the garments was absoultuely mind blowing.The only word that described the work was WOW! All the constructed garments contrasted with individual stylistic qualities.I attempted a drawing whilst waiting for the tour to begin as the construction inspired me.
The group then proceeded to the main tour as we observed all the streets with influential widow displays and familiar ready to wear a
nd high street shop brands. There was a logic to the layout of streets ordered in similiar stereotypes of skaters, rappers, high maintanance and vintage. We progressed to entering the shops down the skaters street and looked in selected shops which the women picked as good examples for inspiration. One of them was claled "Fish and Chips" which was quite expensive, I would compare to Republic with american, English and Belgian labels in stock. Spray paints were bale to purchase for graffitti art as it was a popular design feature found down the street. The concept featured in their window collabarated human and and nature together to create unrealistic characters in the window. Graffitti was capitaliszed in the interior to make more effect for the customers.We then propelled to the main high street backbone.
What were they thinking behind this concept?
Throughout the tour we didn't have chance to visit all the
shops in antwerp so the lecturers gave us the responsibility to explore independently so me and Kathryn went shopping and spent alot of money on typical Belgian clothes and food.
We trekked around the city centre without realising that it all links so we revolved around in circles coming across the same shops until it was time to travel back to the hotel. We got given a specific time to travel back to the hotel by but it didn't go to plan did it. Me and Kathryn had a very chaotic way of getting back to the hotel. After asking the information desk and belgian citizens were found out that we were in the right lace but just couldn't get out of the station.


Wednesday 24th November 2010 - Stephen Jones exhibition.

We boarded the same tram as the day before and travelled
to Momu museum which was in close distance from the tram station. We collected our tickets and entered the weird and wonderful exhibition. The hats were ordered chronologically starting with the first theme. All of the hats were based on a part of his life and were all significant to him in particular. Stephen Jones appealed to my first on Britain's next top model and it was surreal to see the same hats that had features in that series. The detail, colour and time that would have been spent on his creations must be manic. I learnt that his concepts never die out as he gains inspiration from personal events and thinks outside the box alot. One of his concepts interested me based on HOME and he exerted many different features of public services and his childhood to allow the audience to realate to his designs. There was also a video playing ina dark room which allowed me to learn more about him and understand the way he thinks and works.The impression I got was was he was a kind, genuine man that is proud of what he has acheieved in his career so far. It changed the way I think and changed my proseptive on designing which has helped me with this current unit on ideas and concepts.
Afterwards me and Kathryn got the oppurtunity to travel further into antwerp with Jo Bruce and the second years to the more poorer areas and found it interesting in the home life and how all the different places contrasted, more wealthier than others. The architecture was incredible and the detail and structure was unbelievable with a 1920s look. The houses looked simialr to what would be featured in film sets with their dark presence and tense atmosphere as they tower over you. I was glad we got the chance to explore all assets of antwerp to educate me more in depth. The setting reminded me of old fashion films in black and white as they're presence was breathtaking.

Thursday 25th Novemeber 2010 - Travel back home, leave Antwerp

We vacated the hotel at 13:30pm and had to prepare for the long journey home. We had some time to fit in some last minute exploring to then travel home.

How I would some up Antwerp would be and independent adventure. I learnt about the belgian style and how it never dates or grows out of fashion and changed the way I think and not to judge on the first impression of what people wear because they have a meaning behind them to reflect their personality. I would definately visit again in the future as I have come away with a lot more knowledge of the culture and would recommend it to any age catorgory as it is suitable for anyone who loves fashion as much as I do.

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