Monday, 6 December 2010

Are You A Victim?




I depicted a theme of mental health to develop into a personal concept linking elements of crime, suicide and violence together. The historial content of mental institutes and the patient's therapy intrigued me using expressive words and slogans using symbolism and metaphors to get their controversial characters across. Ambiguity and symbolism has been captivated in designer's work such as Junya Watanabe's STRAIGHT JACKET and semiotics displayed on his hooved shoes. Different thoughts and ideas then threaded off to think about surgical equipment such as: scissors; scapels, gloves, masks and gowns. This influenced my designs to feature these practical garments but manipulating them into my story.
JUNYA WATANABE- He defaces the structure of the human body and replaces it with a new identity of nothing making it forgotton. Similar to a foot tag replacing the dead renewing their identity to just a name and number.

I broke up different stages of mental health into the time when diagnosed, Aggression, Treatment, Accomodation, Therapy and Recovery.Contrasting colours can signify different parts of the illness diversing the colour schemes to make it coherent to the audience the storyline.

David Lachapelle collaborate minimal scale with iconic figures simialr to the conept of ALICE AND WONDERLAND converting the scale.He alters the purpose and concept of this photograph as the abrbie doll make it seem surreal and add humour but the human figure contrasts to amke it more serious abiding by the law. This links in with my theme because physcological and physical actions can lead to crime and violence controlling and operating a healthy mind.


Similarly the other image is to portray invading the privacy of an innocent person breaking the law and acting as a crime. This can link as it is pushing the boundaries and acting beyond normality.

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