Sunday, 1 April 2012


For my computer brief one of the tasks is to look at blogs that I read daily and evaluate how they inspire my thoughts about my own blog. I always look at updates and new blog posts and something can catch my eye whether it is a colour scheme or a certain topic that attracts more viewers. I take inspiration from some blogs for there layout or style and try and explore ways I can get a similar look and finish to my blog.The top 10 blogs that inspire me are:
1. - for the interesting concepts and new, innovative ideas coming through in the designs and works.
2. - for the strong images and research that build a stronger knowledge on my behalf for concept ideas.
3. - for the interest in menswear, as I don't follow mens fashion as much as women swear and it allows me to take ideas and inspiration from the latest collections.
4. - for the outfits she produces keeping up with the latest trends but adding her own twist and style to the overall look.
5. - for her interest in vintage clothing and evaluation of high street clothing e.g Evans, Dorothy Perkins.
6. - for the daring clothing she wears which often clashes but works really well as an overall outfit.
7. - for the layout of the image about the title and passion for music and how that interest comes through in her style.
8. - for the graffiti influence seen in the layout of the blog and the old fashioned looking photography used giving the blog another dimension.
9. - for the colour palettes he is usually attracted always gives me new shades a d tones which I can add to my palette of colours.
10. - for the use of animation in her blog posts and layout and latest reports from the fashion shows.

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