Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I have finally reached the end of my toile making, which is quite daunting because no more mistakes can be made.

First of all I made the kimono style jacket using all 1cm seam allowance. I then placed it on the mannequin and sketched on the design lines to where my panels would be.
Then I sewed the sleeve seam under the arm to then attach to the raglan seam which allowed me to ease the under arm panels in. I then attached the centre front panel using 1cm seam allowance making sure all the notches were matching. Lastly I attached the centre back panel making sure the middle of the front panels attaching matched the middle of the centre back panel.
I feel like inserting these panels has gone well so far but the hardest part - THE LINING is yet to come so I hope I survive! How does it look?

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