Tuesday, 10 April 2012


My second to last toile, I have completed was my Invisible Pants, which are a pair of trousers with curved panels down the side seams. I found these one of the most easiest toile's yet, so I don't know whether they are easy, or it's because I have had much practise in getting these right. Surprisingly, I didn't have any problems with the main trouser panels and attaching them together, the only difficulty I had was creating the waistband and remembering all the little things you need to do to get a success. I have to remember when doing my final garment, not to press my seams open, as I realised this when my curved lines weren't as smooth as they should have been. On the toile there is an unwanted dart in the back, which I have now removed, so for the final garment it won't be there, which will make it look neater in the back.

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