Monday, 23 April 2012


After completing my toiles I finally have moved onto the task of creating my final collection. I started with one of the easiest designs to get it out of the way - the DESERTING DRESS. I made sure I took my time and over locked every seam. I then placed on the circles to the correct composition and pinned them securely. I still need to sew them to the fabric but should do that when I am sure I want them in that place. I am very pleased with the final outcome so far and am surprised how neat I have been and I have done all the steps in a logical order. All I needed to do was sew the darts, sew side and shoulder seams and insert the invisible zip, now all I have to do is sew the circles on and finish the dress and it will be done. What do you reckon?

1 comment:

  1. Most impressive - it is wonderful to see how the garment builds up. It looks brilliant.

    Love Aunty Christine