Friday, 30 March 2012


I have begun to toile my Motionless Jumpsuit starting with the bodice and focusing on getting the fit perfect for the final garment. I have found that I have had to slice off some of the excess in the fit of panel 1 and 4 to make it lie right at the bust point. I have practised different ways to approach sewing the panels together as they meet at a right angled point. I have discovered that it is better to start with bigger piece of fabric at the top and keep the needle in to the snip into the fabric to allow it to twist around. I have felt that the back of the toile has come out perfect whereas, the front is slightly big at the shoulder and armholes but I will create the trousers before amending them imperfections. I feel I have learnt a new skill today and feel more confident with the final garment and sewing it all together.

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