Friday, 23 March 2012


As I have completed the toile for my deserting dress I have realised that all my design lines don't match which means all of my patterns are incorrect. To problem solve this I had to amend all my patterns to become equal measurements on the front and back both sides of the patterns. I also had to change the neck line so it wasn't as high and take in the bust points to fit the body exactly. This caused a new problem of having higher armholes created by the excess bulk from the bust area. This meant I had to slice off a new shape of armhole and make it a lot larger and then had to replicate it on the opposing pattern. It fits down the side seams and all of the problems caused by that mistake have been corrected so fingers crossed it should go well for the final garment. All I have to do is sample Bias Binding on one of the shoulders to see if it will work for the finishing for my final dress.

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  1. what b*****!!

    were you calm while you solved it? or did you apply the Jackson approach!

    love Aunty Christine