Tuesday, 13 March 2012


For my brief the final task is to convey my chosen concept to my target audience. I chose to do a styling photo shoot, where a photographer called " Janet Lodziewska" captured my forms on camera. I got inspired by "Robbie Spencer" a stylist that has a lot to with "Dazed & Confused", where he wraps the human form in a mixture of different materials. This inspire me to manipulate shapes on the body and create these interesting shapes. For the make up I was influenced by one of "Fred Butler's" posts about "Paris Fashion Week" and got the idea of using skeletal features as it went with the illustrative style I was using in my sketchpad. I tried a lot of different things with the mannequins and then the models on their own and I am happy to say that I feel I get my concept across very well and am very pleased with the final outcome. What are your thoughts?

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