Thursday, 27 October 2011


At the moment I have been working on some trousers designing them and then having a little go at manufacturing them. I had an idea that I wanted a spiral going round one leg and a gathered knee using a striped fabric to relate to unit 8 as I have a trend of prints. I got this idea from drawing on my toile and and then cutting up all the pattern pieces, trace them off and create the new patterns for manufacturing. To identify the design lines I was going to use ruffles but then piping was suggested so I thought it would be a new skill and would look more bold for the seams. I chose a vibrant colour that was in the colour scheme of the fabric to use for the piping but realised I didn't have enough so I had to problem solve and find an alternative. I found piping alright to work with the piping I started with was easier than the other type just because it was on tape that measured 1.5cm seam allowance so I didn't have to measure it out. I also created a waist band and now up tot the stage of hemming but want to do something different so I will do that next time.If I were to create these again I would make sure the piping doesn't cross at the front stopping the piping before it meets and I could have considered flattery to the thighs and used vertical stripes rather than horizontal. Another thing to consider would be following the design lines of the piping down the back leg and maintaining that line through the gathered knee to make it even and fluid.

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