Friday, 7 October 2011


As we were looking at variations of pocket designs were created a self faced patch pocket which was sewn in a completely different way. I preferred this method because it made more sense and was methodical in the way you sewed it together. The way in which I did this was by:
1. Sew 1.5cm seam allowance from opening either side and press the seam open.
2. Fold curved edge of the lining to meet notches on the shell and sew 1.5cm seam allowance around the curve.
3. Bag it all out and press it neatly.
4. Secure the opening gap with a very close stitch to the edge.
5. Sew from the top on one side to meet the other side with roughly 0.5cm and double the stitching by sewing another curved lined inside by another 0.5cm allowance.
A good way of guiding me was using the pronged feet on the sewing machine so if you struggle use them and it will turned out successfully.

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