Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The final task of this brief was to design a capsule collection for a designer that believed in sustainable methods. I got the tasks of designing for Stella McCartney so had to make sure it suited the target customer of her brand and incorporate inspiration and my own trends within the design. It was quite difficult to design with restrictions as you had to make sure it would identify her brand identity whilst remaining creative within your designs. I had a colour scheme similar to what she would have in an autumn/ winter collection with a few garments that were more vibrant to bring the collection to life. I had to include tailoring, knit and office wear as this is the main target customer for her clothes. In these designs I used similar prints but changed the repeat of the pattern or silhouette so it fitted in with my trends making it more individual to me as a designer. Overall, I think this brief has gone really well and I have managed to complete the tasks with meeting the deadlines and think I have produced some strong designs to take through to the manufacturing brief.

Which one is your favourite?

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