Friday, 30 September 2011


Today I have been reminising of the times last year where we made a flatfelled seam, so we were set the challenge of doing it ourselves and I found it easier this time round even though I haven't done them for a year. Bazaar I know! After I had completed that I then went onto a harder task of creating a fly zip and here are the steps if you fancy trying one out or are stook right now with inserting one into your trousers:

Cut out short patterns.

Sew from the fly notch 1.5cm seam allowance and notch all around the curved seam.

On Placket sew 1.5cm seam allowance around the curved edge and reduce bulk to 0.5mm.

Bag out and press, then over lock the open edge.

Over lock curved edge on fly facing.

Pull back front of shorts where the right opening of the fly zip is and align fly facing to the point where the stitching stops at the fly notch.

Press towards fly opening.

Place over fly facing and measure 2cm from bottom curved edge of the facing and align stopper to then tack up the middle of the zip.

Secure zip down by sewing in the middle of the zip and curving below the stopper on right side of fabric.

Iron other side of the zip 0.9mm to almost meet the point and press.

Switch the machine to a stitch length of 4 to tack down the right side of the zip making sure its level at the top and close to the teeth.

Pin placket underneath zip lining it up with right side of the zip. Change the stitch length back to 3 and secure on the tacked line.

To finish the fly zip of secure the loose facing and zip with a few stitches and sew from the point leftwards 2mm and back tack making sure everything is secure.

Why not try it home, it will keep you busy.

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