Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Is it just me or are more people riding their bikes today? I suppose it's more economical for the environment and saves money and petrol. I think this should increase and I think it's a good thing people are realising they need to make a difference and feel less under pressure to run and own a car in this credential climate. Time's are tough at the moment with the Credit Crunch and people are realising they can cycle for free and cause no harm to the environment. This is the start of decreasing the risk ozone layer diffusing and I am glad people are doing it sooner than later. Electric cars are on the market using no emissions making it safer on the road using a sustainable idea to help the environment which can develop and allow the way in which we do things a lot cheaper and safer for the environment. Cyclists are a nightmare whilst your driving but then now I realise they are sacrificing cars to save energy costs and allowing us other road users to keep our cars.

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