Thursday, 29 September 2011


After missing last Friday's lesson I have had to play catch up with modelling on the stand by firstly getting taught how to create a fitted bodice using this method. The steps in which I did this were:
1. Pin down centre front line maintaining the straight grain along its line.

2. Cut the neck line 1cm above the original neck line and notch to allow it to lie flat.

3. Construct a shoulder dart from bust point to shoulder seam and pin in place.

4. Cut shoulder seam 1cm away from original markings on the mannequin.

5. Cut armscye inwards 1cm of the mannequin marking and notch on to allow it to lie flat.

6. Line fabric along the side seam line and pin in place.

7. Cut fabric 1cm away from the seam on the side seam for seam allowance.

8. Construct waist dart to fit to the bodice taking in all the excess fabric and then cut fabric 1cm below the waist line to provide seam allowance.

Overall, I think it worked well after adjusting the darts so they were neat, I think I learnt a lot about positioning and making sure everything was correct making sure the measurements were accurate for real life situations.

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