Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I have already been moved in for a week and three days now and already seen so much in London.

08/09/12 - Move into The Costume Store, London. Meet flatmates and get settled in.
09/09/12 - Went to Oxford Street and Shepherd's Bush with 2 flatmates and did a little window shopping ( can't forget that we are tight with our money now we are students.)
10/09/12 - Went to Trafalgar Square and watched the Olympic and Paralympic parade to the Mall.
11/09/12 - Went to Shepherd's Bush Market and found where I am going to be studying for the next 3 years. Also found a library which is always handy for an art student.
12/09/12 -Went to Notting Hill Gate and bought some vintage style shoes for £12 which was a good bargain.
13/09/12 - Arrived at Seven Sisters, and attended an internship with a designer called Martine Rose, which was enjoyable, hand sewing menswear jackets to be shipped to Paris, Japan and London.
14/09/12 - Martine Rose Internship.
15/09/12 - Job hunting in North Acton ( No Luck)
16/09/12 - Did a little bit of coursework in preparation for the start of first year.
17/09/12 - Went to Notting Hill library and became a member and also went to Kensington Library.
18/09/12 - Attended London Fashion Week, we caught it on the last day so it wasn't as bus. Went to Soho and got some really nice fabric samples and trimmings. Also went to Oxford street and took some images of window displays and went to Covent Garden and had a Paul's for dinner.
As you can see I am keeping myself quite busy trying to fill up my time I have until term starts.
I enrol on Thursday so wish me luck!

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  1. Sounds brilliant! I am very jealous.

    Love from Aunty Christine x