Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Today we finally started work using the stencil artwork on the screens. I prepared my Tracing paper stencil in advance, which was based on contemporary architecture. I extracted shapes and patterns from a variation of different contemporaries and combined them altogether to create this symmetrical artwork. I found that this technique worked really well for this design as it bought out all the intricate details whilst contrasting to the blocks of colour. The colours I mixed were a good match to my colour scheme, even though the first attempt on Calico came out rather stronger than I hoped.The white Silk diluted the colour, to give it a weaker colour, which linked in with my colour scheme. Even though, this process is quite time consuming, I find that it the most appropriate for accurate drawings and precise measurements as it is copying everything you put to paper. Unlike the Transfer and Sublimation techniques, they are quite loose and hard to control, which makes it difficult for you to get straight and accurate lines. I think for my final samples, I will definitely use this process and make it more complex, as I know this way works for the shapes I am thinking of creating.
What do you think?

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  1. Fabulous designs!

    Love from Aunty Christine x