Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So it is getting serious now.. University has officlaly started with the dreaded essay. I have to write an essay on an object/ image and relate it to a quote by "Vanessa Steele", Fashion Theory. In which case, I have chosen to relate my essay to My Grandad's Soldiers Service and Pay Book, from the Second World War. I have chosen this object as it relates to me and someone that I was close to and provides me the opportunity to get to understand his achievements in the army. I found some information on the Military uniform and the book itself. I also took pictures of tanks and the information on the tanks from that period, as I knew that he was related to TANKS in some way. At the moment they have an exhibition on "CECIL BEATON", if you are personally interested in War photography.
I would recommend this to the public that like to explore the past in war.
Go explore...

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  1. Grandad Eric would be very proud - and very interested!

    Love from Aunty Christine