Thursday, 10 November 2011


This illustrator uses specialised media of Sumi Ink and Pantone films which creates the fusion of digital and wet media to give off a pixelated effect on the lines showing hesitation. The mood of her work is usually quite upbeat and energetic using an outburst of vibrant colours mixed in with monochrome shades creating a block pattern. Her style of work is quite condensed and small scale but he elongates his figures and makes them child like looking with scribbled, sketchy lines and primary colours. The market level of this illustrator would be suited for Couture due to the elongated silhouettes and awkward poses. I am attracted to her work as it is striking and is so simple but effective still allowing the audience to use their imagination whilst understanding what she is trying to get across.

Tobie Giddio inspires my illustrative eye, as her illustrations are free and innovative using a lot of colour and thick brush strokes. With her ideas she focuses more on the form of the garment than the facial features of the model, which I think, works really effectively with the thicker outline still allowing it to be part of the composition. I think I will start to experiment with the use of colours on photo shop and illustrator and scanning in watercolour markings and shapes and providing them with a professional finish on a digital media. I could also use collage and layer different wet media to gain that contrast in texture. She has been highly inspired by Alexander McQueen using similar structures in her illustrations as he does in his designs. Her work reminds me of the 60s era with optical illusion references and block colours in repetitive patterns providing a wide range of colours. She also incorporates nature into her design but makes them more apparent and defined with thick bold lines and blocks of colour.

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