Thursday, 10 November 2011


This Illustrator uses a mechanical pencil and white a4 paper mixed with a range of digital media conforming proportion to be slightly unbalanced within his figures. The mood of his work is quite eerie with the disturbing figures and contrast of values used contrasting to the mood of what Yohji Yamamoto create in his work. His style of work is quite characterised and cartoonist with the disproportionate fashion figures using solidified lines and pure colours. My opinion of this work is that it is a style I would like to use to convey my ideas as it offers a chance to create an identity which isn’t usually found in illustration and allows the design to stand out with the striking poses. The suitable market level would be for Ready to Wear, Couture with the use of clean lines and motion within the illustration.
I am inspired by his work, as it is different for the reason being that the proportions of the human form are inaccurate which make his compositions look effective. I also like how he sees the human form making the audience use their imagination to understand what target customer he is aiming his garments at and what story is behind his characters.
I would experiment with similar medias of pencil and incorporate aspects of digital media and fine liner outlining the silhouettes and creating external shapes th
at coincide with his designs. Jean- Pierre Braganza has been inspired mostly by the human form and experiments with multiple shapes and pattern cutting methods to express every possibility. He uses a lot of black and organic fabrics in his design, which is evident in his illustrations bringing through parts of his garment design into his illustrative designs.

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