Saturday, 3 December 2011


Yesterday we were joined by fashion royalty that is William Tempest to talk to us about the realism of fashion. I had the great honour of having a 1:1 talk to him about my work and how he thought I got strengthen my portfolio for university and as a designer. He bought in a few examples from his collections which was an eye opener to see the crisp lines and finishes of the garments and it was nice to see how passionate he was for fashion. He gave me some phrase but also improvements that I need to consider for interviews at university so overall I found the day productive and got a lot from it.

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  1. i'm so jel you met will tempest... why couldn't he come last year :(

    the set square is coming in very handy! i still owe you for it and uni is going okay just tearing my hair up and some write up work atm! but i finish for christmas next week :) how is college, i've emailed jo like twice but with no avale xx