Friday, 9 December 2011


To strengthen our portfolios for interview we have been set the challenge of creating 6 illustration boards, 2 design boards and a concept board. For my first set I was especially inspired by Howard Tangye's work using the form of colour to emphasise certain features and used ink in a similar way he would in his work. I was also inspired by colour schemes that he had used and colours from the capsule collection I had created so it would suit my specific target customer. Breaking down the preparation for this to become a success I had to find two close up shots that would work together and experiment with different techniques to see which one I preferred and had to evidence where I had sourced the inspiration from and what design I was trying to illustrate. For the second board I decided to bring through other influences of Jonathan Looman and collage techniques but keep similar structures of the face and colour within the features. I was very surprised at how well these turned out and was really proud of these as they suit my style and suit my target customer. Which is your favourite?

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