Monday, 9 January 2012


This weekend I went to an exhibition at the Whitworth Art gallery called Dark matters which focused on shadows. One piece of artwork that particularly interested me was a screen that detected people's outlines and envisaged their outlines on the screen. I liked the pix elated effect that it gave and prolonged the transition in which you moved snapping your every move in a slow motion. I also saw some pieces which were used with a florescent media on a cover of dark space to reveal what shape was intended. Even though the shapes were quite basic the way in which they did it was very clever capturing a very eerie mood whilst overseeing the artwork. There was another pieces of art that I found quite soothing with glass objects that deflected the light to create shadows whilst moving around the room in a circular motion. I also found other pieces that I enjoyed which had different concepts which related to my theme in some way using shadows and one in particularly sculpted the form of workers showing the restriction under the ground and mutating their bodies to fit in the working space.

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