Monday, 2 January 2012


I got a surprise request the other day about cooperating with a company to write a bit a bout them on my blog about their new business. I found it quite strange that someone had read my blog and enjoyed it so it put a smile on my face. I had to look at the clothes straight away and see what rising taste had to offer which you can find on( I found there was a wide selection of different trends and looks suited to a multiple target audience with a lot of stock that needs a nice home. If you ever want a cheap bargain I definitely recommend this store as the quality you get for the money is ridiculous. Personally my favourites are the different designs of tights you can get made with strange fabrics revealing an interesting pattern. I also like the range of pendants that have totally different conceptual influences to suit a wider audience. I would definitely recommend this website for any new stylists or designers that want to take inspiration from a cheap and well run site like rising taste.

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  1. have you tried ordering from this website? The clothes and shoes are super cute, but i'm weary of ordering from it because it's SOOO cheap. I found really cute and expensive looking pumps for $4.00 that can't be right. Just wondering if anyone's had experience ordering from them.