Sunday, 7 August 2011


As you well know I went to Canterbury yesterday and bought a few items from the shopping town. Firstly I bought some crochet hangers from Cath Kidston I thought they were pretty adorable so I thought I would have them hanging in my wardrobe. Then I went into a shop called Siesta and it was like heaven full of little cute things that you don't need but just want. I bought something useful though - a new pashmina scarf, it was only a fiver which was even better. Then I bought another belt from a charity shop which was £1.75 and it is brown - now I have bought 3 belts from this Kent trip it is a bad influence. The final shop I went into was Crab tree & Evelyn and thought it was really cute giving out free samples and the packaging was so sweet. I bought some breakfast tea( just because I'm slightly obsessed) and some biscuits( to be honest just for the packaging) but they were on offer I don't feel as guilty.

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