Monday, 27 September 2010

Weird & Wonderful

Bone shoes influenced by graphic cotumes in the television series.
Ripped and teared edges with dotted prints.

During the reasearch into my chosen topic of hip hop in 1990s I came across Jeremy Scott which designed for adidas and incorparated his unconventional looks and mickey mouse icons and made them his trademark to his own label.

He famously designed lady gaga's all in one piece in "paparazzi" with the mcikey mouse print and Rihanna's mickey mouse helmet in "Hard" video.He changed the structure and colour schemes of adidas hi-tops creating additional characteristics of angel wings and bigger ankle flaps.

He has been influential for the pritned tishirt of " I LOVE NY" where it has been adopted by all cultures edited the city like PARIS and LONDON.

Personally I think he would have been influenced by Andy Warhol's pop art version of disney themed mickey mouse and altered the size and shape. Also surrealism as he uses similar movements and prints as schiaparrelli.

Childish themes were the main focus of his work with the flintstones to disney characters. He has worked such large scale through the industry that his name relates to anything within the fashion world.

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