Saturday, 2 October 2010

Liverpool Tate Gallery

One of my previous post was on the work of Robert Gober and the piece of art with the housepipe and realistic hand popping out named "saftey equipment" by Jamie Isenstein reminded me of his work. The artist could have been inspired some way through his domestic products combined with features of the human body. I wonder .....

Referring back also to one of my oldest posts about recyclable materials been reinforced into designers garments and the same with art as many displaced furniture and metal obstacles were moulded or just placed in a set design to create a masterpiece which i found very intrigueing.

I enjoyed the company of the museum as I gained inspiration from the little objects that you would never guess what they were supposed to portray unless you read and observed it carefully. Market research was more than an excuse to go shopping but to look at seasonal influences and looks for 2010 and to see them on the mannequins.

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