Thursday, 23 September 2010

Do you think children should grow up this quickly?

Liane - 8 Years Old
Chloe - 11 Years Old

What would you expect for a child to be when they are older?
Not for these children. They would rather dress inappropiately creating an unsuitable image and figure for a little young girl or boy... What do you think this cause is?
Baby beauty queens a programme documented on the bbc has targetted stories of similar influences.... they all want to be models.
Ranging from 5-16 years of age they're checklist for preparing for a catwalk would consist of:
Spray tan; manicure;pedicure;hair-cut,curled,coloured and make up done to perfection. What makes them rebel to being equal to other school children.
In my opinion I think the mothers live their dreams through they're daughters/sons as it is easier to manipulate and convince that it will change their lifestyle.They look ridiculous similar features as a barbie doll equipped with shiny skin and fake eyelashes.
How did i grow up with a normal lifestyle and they didn't?
Do you agree with young minors equitted with: confidence;older appearance; bias opinions?
It's always your choice!

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