Friday, 17 September 2010

How would you dress you mannequin?

CIRCLES. SQUARES. TRIANGLES. All shapes constructed onto a mannequin... Throughout a perod of two days at college we had to recreate a garment only using one specific shape whether it was : 3 dimensional, overlapped, spacious the piece had to be made out of paper.Top to bottom had to be covered How would you start planning it? Nobody knew eachother and we were split into groups of 3.
: Sets of ideas
Different opinions
Minutes much faster.
From the front it show the overlapping technique of circular shapes and volumised shoulders to create dramatic contrast accompanied with the interlinking circular links arounf the waist and hips and tulip shapes around the neckline to create a v neck style.
OLYMPICS 2012 inspiration of the holes and gaps of overlapped circles and trianguler shapes meeting at a mid point on the lower back.
Second time around: Alienised construction in WHITE...

Square shape but altered to appear traingular... Folded squares up in quadrants to create a small traingleand reapeated the same pattern and create different angle and direction with the shoulders and hips to exenctuate the silhouette. Ranging in size we had the same small traingles going in a triangle on the back

Compared to the first attempt it is much neater and less busy and complex and looks a bit more planned.

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