Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Grid Method Technique In Visual Recording

As we launched the new brief of UNIT 1 VISUAL RECORDING we started to experiment with a gris method to create accurate mark making and position the structure of the image in the correct format. My first attempt wasn't so impressive as I had to alter the mouth as it wasn't quite in the correct position of the 4x4 cm square. We scaled the image up in cm so i used 1x1cm and increased the scale factor to a 4x4cm grid enlarging it to make it easier to draw.

As I started to get used to the process
I had another attempt which is much more improved as it's more accurate and neater but it could do with a little bit more tonal range as white seeps through quite easily. Whereas, the first attempt has more tone and shading improvisation.

After both of my black and white attempts I tested a watercolour media to produce a colour filled image with a vast amount of tone and depth.I prefer all the others due to it's finer finish and accurate placement.

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