Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ONE... Independant Mind

Trends...Originality...Styles...Designers...Visionaries all sum up the word: FASHION !

There are many times when a woman would feel inferior to iconic fashionistas setting or wearing futuristic trends; but one problem they all minimise in size from eight downwards. Women ashamed of there full bodied figure: throughout births, development, altering to become in proportion.

Femininity is exaggerated with natural curves : apple, top heavy, hourglass, skittle, vase, lollipop or bell.Happy?

Why Should it matter of your: Race; Height; Size; Hair colour; Shape you should all be accepted. There is NOTHING wrong with you.

Trouble in present society:no identity
Clueless of their outer layer inflicting on their inner core.

If you are: Peitit, Tall, Skinny, Curvy emblemishing a love for promoting fashion alongside expressing yourself talk to Tyra. Tyra Banks - (Fashion icon) an admiration to all models; never embarrased with her curves .

Confidence. Look for centre stage. Whitney killing it. Size 14 Does she look ashamed? She doesn't show an insecurities does she ? Why can't you try the same thing. SMILE!

Cultures of: Black; Asian; White American and Russian all collabarting a intricate shot emphasising west indian influences of clothing.
Reminds me of london which reminds me the new episode of MATERIAL GIRL should come out soon
I ♥ Ali's Designs

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