Thursday, 17 May 2012



Blogs play an important role in the fashion industry with the purpose of: advertising, setting upcoming trends and promoting a brand and its identity.

The main function for blogs nowadays is capturing street style of fashion students, other bloggers and fashionable people. The Guardian recently wrote an article about fashion bloggers interviewing them on what they gain and how blogging enhances their inspiration. Each blogger has a different taste in clothing and it’s up to them to pick and choose what trends they want to see next season. This encourages designers and brands to follow the trends, so they make sure the trend is in that collection that season.

Another purpose of blogging is to promote and sell whether it’s garments, events, and illustrations. One blogger stated in “The Guardian” article that at London fashion week certain people want to get noticed trying to promote themselves the most fashionable and trendy. This instantly attracted photographers and bloggers to take a picture making the street stylist well known in the blogger world. I have recently, been asked to write a blog post for a company promoting their division of their label and in return I will receive some free merchandise and a mention on their website which works both in our favours. I think it’s a good way to get yourself out there but at the same time your working with a new set of people and learning new writing and marketing skills.

Blogs also promote fashion shows, showcasing the latest collections of designers evaluating who has made the most successful and unsuccessful collection that’s season. A blog I read regularly called “Almost Fashion” mostly writes about couture shows and exhibitions informing the readers what is about to happen and what shows have been.

Being a blogger myself I feel that they are a good way to share with other people what your interests are but also you can learn new information about what is out there in the fashion industry.

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